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The Fabry-Pérot Pressure Sensor has been manufactured and sold for industrial applications since 1988, and for medical applications since 1993. The first approved medical application was for measuring intracranial pressure – over many days and weeks – in comatose patients (Integra NeuroCare), a demanding application where sensor/system stability and accuracy were important.

In 2003, Arrow/Teleflex began using the RJC Pressure Sensor for measuring aortic pressure in the distal tip of their Intra Aortic Balloon Catheter (see figure). This demanding application required small size, robust structure, high performance, and immunity from electromagnetic interference.

In 2015, Endophys entered the market with their new pressure sensing introducer sheath. This is another application taking advantage of the many RJC pressure sensor design features.

Other customers are working on specialty vascular and intracranial applications, and these new products will be released and available over the next few years.