RJC Enterprises, LLC Your OEM Supplier of Fiber Optic Sensors For Medicine

Who We Are

RJC Enterprises, LLC was founded in 1997 as an OEM supplier of Fiber Optic Sensors and Systems for medical applications. The two founding members worked in an earlier startup, Technology Dynamics/MetriCor Inc., where they developed and patented Fiber Optic Sensors and Systems for measuring Pressure, Temperature, Oxygen, pH, Refractive Index, and others. Hence, the founders have over 35 years of Fiber Optic Sensor development and manufacturing experience.

What We Do

RJC Enterprises works with each new customer to make sure fiber optic sensing fits their specific application, and if appropriate, helps them adopt and integrate Fiber Optic Sensors into their proprietary product. Identity of the customer and the product is treated as Confidential Information until the product is released for commercial sale.

RJC Enterprises Floor A

RJC is an FDA registered and ISO 13485:2016 Certified Company